Friday, July 19, 2013

Dear Cork: July 19, 2013

Hello everyone,

I've received a few emails in the past couple of weeks. So I'm going to answer them in today's blog post.

Hey it's Barry. I'm taking a girl from the office out on a first date on saturday night. What should I wear and where should we go? 
First, let me give you a big congratulations on making the first step towards love. Second, be careful when dating somebody inside the office. The last thing you want is an awkward exchange at the water cooler or community microwave. But let's just give you the benefit of the doubt Barry. Assuming you reside in a metropolitan area, I would suggest Buffalo Wild Wings. They do in fact cook their chicken wings upon request (my favorite way to eat them). And to wear? Well, it all depends on the tone of the date. A first date is key. So I would suggest a nice pair of slacks along with a shirt with a collar. Avoid bright colors, as well. One time I wore a white shirt with bright green buttons on a date. Girl wouldn't stop staring at the things! I actually had to go to the restroom and remove the buttons completely. It's safe to say that was our first and only date together!

Frank here: When grilling hotdogs (high humidity), do you put them in straight from the freezer or let them thaw? Also, a buddy of mine has done some experimental cooking on the "bun rack" on his grill and was really happy with the results. Any feedback?
SSSSSSS. Hear that? That's the sizzle you get when you put frozen hotdogs on a hot grill. Some prefer it, but I like to thaw out my wieners. Be yourself though Frank!

It's funny Frank. I love cooking on my bun rack. It is one of the more under-utilized pieces in one's kitchen/back patio. The other day I threw some beets on the thing. You wouldn't believe what happened next! I fell asleep watching triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) and forgot about the suckers! I full out sprinted to the grill to find them perfectly charred. That's the last time I experiment with pain killers!

Cork, is the term "half windsor" exclusive to tie knots? A guy at work called me that the other day. Just wasn't sure of the meaning.  
You know Gary, I am not sure of the culture in your particular workplace but I would say he is yanking your chain. Half windsor, in this case, could be a term of endearment. He could be calling you tidy and neat or implying your a little sloppy. Either way, I would put in my 2 weeks.

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